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The three story brick building which houses all of The Depot Craft Brewery & Distillery's operations was built in 1910 to serve as the headquarters for the Nevada-California-Oregon Railway. Originating in Reno, the railway served many locals along the 238 mile stretch to Lakeview, OR. Unlike many of Nevada's railway systems, the NCO catered primarily to ranchers & farmers with almost all of the cargo consisting of livestock, wool, hay, and grain. 

This century old building is rooted in the history and identity of our western home, and it's with this in mind that we envisioned creating the state's first combined brewery & distillery.


Our approach to the renovation of this Old West relic mirrored the methods we use to create our products today - with a respect for the traditions of the past combined with an innovative approach toward bringing a craft experience to our guests. The Depot Craft Brewery & Distillery is a labor of passion and a ceaseless effort to showcase and preserve our Nevada heritage by making great products to share with our friends and neighbors. 


Our Mission


Our mission at the depot is to share our pursuit and passion for transforming base ingredients into far more noble forms. Whether creating our spirits, beer or food, we subscribe to the theory that with care and passion, our craft offerings can be greater than the sum of their simple parts. Reaching such lofty goals usually comes from experimentation with a foundation of quality ingredients and process knowledge. Our production spaces were designed with this in mind, allowing our imaginations to run wild and offering endless possibilities to perfect our craft. With an eye toward local sourcing, quality, and the creation of products both traditional and innovative, we tender our goods to our neighbors near and far in the hope to bring an exceptional experience. 

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