Bottled in Bond



The American West and its characters of folklore have always evoked a sense of bravery, curiosity, and toughness. General Fremont was a tenacious explorer, famed general, and resilient businessman of the early western frontier. 

Two centuries after Fremont, the region's first combined brewery and distillery was born - The Depot. Hence, we aspired to follow the example of this steadfast American hero: employing bravery, persistence, and unwavering work ethic in all endeavors. With that and with a hopeful eye toward the future, our distillers set out to create a Straight Bourbon, born of the American West. 

All Nevada-grown grains are milled and mashed on the site of our century-old building for a spirit with our home state's soul. It was then double-distilled for a bourbon that rested well in American Oak for four years. The result is a sublime whiskey: notes of vanilla, oak, honey, and a touch of cinnamon spice.