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STYLE: Session Pale Ale

ABV: 4.8


A refreshing take on an ever-popular style, The Aviator is at once a full flavored, full bodied brew that is also exceptionally sessionable. American hop varieties with robust fruit and citrus flavors have a most distinguished presence, while a modest grain charge and dry finish keep the brew remarkably light. Suddenly, having your head in the clouds doesn’t seem so bad.

This beer was created to appeal to people’s love of hoppy brews but give them a chance to have more than one or two. Late hop additions, wheat, and oats give a cloudiness and mouthfeel that subdues the bitterness, and also lets the aromatics of the hop selections shine. Bright citrus, sweet melon, and a touch of resinous dankness all come into the fold, but nuance and balance are the most notable characteristics.

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