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STYLE: Ale W/ Raspberries

ABV: 5.2


The Buckle Bunny name remembers the rodeo girls that epitomize our region’s culture: Straightforward, forthright, a pleasant and subtle sweetness. Cascade hops and American 2-Row barley serve as the base for the brew, as loads of raspberries are added to finish the brew, adding an enticing rose hue and fruity, refreshing raspberry snap.

Adding fruit to summer beers is a cherished tradition around the brewing world. Raspberries are especially popular for their snappy, tart finish and their beautiful hue that they impart. Drinkability was the focus of this creation- a perfect beer to session on your front porch or high in the Sierra mountains.


A bright, rosy hue and brilliant clarity beckons the drinker to quench his thirst. A crisp raspberry aroma with a slightly bready background comes through. Upon first sip, it’s apparent this beer is very sessionable—dry, crisp, a nice fruity snap with just a hint of sweetness on the backend of the finish. Really, this seems like what summer is for.

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