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STYLE: Bohemian/Style Pilsner

ABV: 5.2


Celebrating the end of summer and the “Party on the Playa,” this session lager is the perfect thirst quencher for the hot days of the Nevada high desert. A classic German brewing technique gives this brew its signature malty backbone, while Noble German and Czech hops lend a snappy finish.

This beer, while relatively straightforward and seemingly simple, is a huge point of pride for the brewery for several reasons: the unique malt used, the brewing process employed, and of course, the finished product. First, the malt we used is 100% authentic Bohemian Floor-Malted Barley. This special malt gives our beer an authentic malt character and flavor. Floormalted grains are a labor of love. They require much more hands-on care and attention than those produced with typical modern techniques, but these malts also impart a richness lacking in many commercially produced Pilsen malts.

The historic Czech brewing process used is “decoction mashing.” This is achieved by boiling a portion of the mash and then adding the small portion back to the original mash mixture to raise the temperature. The result of this laborious and time-consuming method is tight control, but more importantly, a richness of malt character that is nearly impossible to otherwise duplicate. We adamantly feel the work is worth the result.


A snappy lager with a clear, deep golden color is brilliantly clear. A tight, brilliant white head holds together well and will lay beautiful lace on the glass. Rich malt aromas of sweet bread are balanced by a classic hop character. 

The feel of the brew is moderately full, but not cloying and is further balanced by crisp lager notes and European hop character. The finish is remarkably clean and hop bitterness is subdued and any harsh edges are rounded by the distinct maltiness. 

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