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STYLE: Belgian Wit

ABV: 5.5


Nevada wheat is the showcase of this sessionable brew. Orange peel, curacao, and coriander are added to this classic ale to accentuate the light citrus notes while the wheat adds a slightly silky texture and haze. A hint of sourness, typical of the stlye, comes through as well. 

The Depot's representation is modeled after the benchmark ales of Belgium with an incredible, almost incandescent color. Few styles illicit feelings of sunshine and summer like a well-made Witbier. 


A cloudy, light gold color is perfect for the style. The rocky head, typical of a wheat beer, is thick and holds together for some time. Carbonation is obviously high, adding to the bright, refreshing character of the beer. 

Moderate sweetness with bright notes of citrus and more subtle notes of honey come through in the aroma. Each sip of this beer's slightly sweet balance and slightly tart notes make The Drifter a delight to drink. 

Tangerine and a light honeysuckle note come through in the finish of this medium bodied beer. 

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