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STYLE: IPA W/ Pineapple

ABV: 5.8


American beer style with a tropical twist! Juicy IPAs celebrate all of the bright melon, citrus, and tropical notes of American’s favorite modern hop varieties. Oats and copious late hop additions throw a haze into the beer, adding to the mouthfeel and background sweetness behind a subdued hop bitterness.

There are constant innovations, creations, and changes to the world of craft brewing. No traditional style of beer has seen more experimentation in recent years than the IPA family of beers. Northeast, New England, Juicy, and even Milkshake IPAs are all now a thing...

While “fruited IPAs” have had limited commercial availability in the past, shifting palates have given rise to a huge following of customers that love the interplay between the bitterness of American hop varieties and the flavor and sweetness of fruit additions.

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