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STYLE: West Coast Style IPA W/ Mango

ABV: 5.8


Bright, citrusy IPA and mango are an irresistible combination in this limited summer release. Late mango additions to the fermentation leave a big, ripe mango character and a touch of sweetness that makes this IPA sing with summer flavors.

Our popular Voyager IPA has been a staple at The Depot and with our guests since we opened our doors. As our brewer’s picked apart the nuanced flavors over the years (it’s a tough job), the distinct flavor of mango was one of recognized as one of its best attributes. It was only a matter of time, then, that The Depot Team would blend mangos into a small batch of classic Voyager IPA, and the rest is history.


A brilliant, orange hue almost matches the look of a mango. Similarly, the aroma is unmistakably “mango.” Underlying the bright mango aroma is a hint of the hoppiness to come. A medium-full mouthfeel gives the right balance to the hop bitterness, so the beer presents very drinkable. The finish

comes through with more mango and a nice, somewhat resinous hop character.

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