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STYLE: Cocoa Milk Stout

ABV: 5.1


A rich stout with big notes of cocoa and coffee make this a delicious staple in our lineup. Ecuadorian Cocoa and a touch of American oats add a sublime velvet softness and enhanced chocolate character. 

This Milk Stout exemplifies the style. Sometimes called Sweet or Cream Stout, this style uses lactose sugar to add a hint of sweetness and further enhance the richness of the brew. What started out as a popular seasonal offering from The Depot, has become a year-round brew that continues to gain fans.


The dark black color with a creamy, tan head holds together well. Highlighted edges of ruby in the opaque color accompany aromas of bittersweet chocolate and roasted notes with a perceivable malty sweetness. The taste has all of the rich notes of chocolate, coffee, roasted caramel that typify this style. The warmer this beer gets, the more chocolate comes through. The finish has very low bitterness and is sweet on the back end but is complimented by roasty and bittersweet notes.

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