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ABV: 7.8


A vibrant and juicy aroma is the story of this DIPA, The Nomad. Fresh citrus, hints of dried apricot and peach all come through as the full-body and soft mouthfeel compliment the nuanced hop flavors. It is unfiltered, a bit hazy, and the perfect mate for roaming. 

This brew is The Depot's second iteration of the popular Double IPA style. Our first DIPA offering, The Wanderer DIPA, could be considered a more classical representation of the style with its relatively huge ABV, caramel malt balance and body, and a hop bitterness to match its aroma. 

In contrast to its predecessor, The Nomad is a "new school" DIPA. More restrained alcohol content helps to highlight the huge hop aroma. Shifting from caramel and honey malts and the use of Nevada-grown wheat adds a soft, full mouthful with a clean, bready malt profile. Tropical and citrus hoppy notes play in concert, but the back end of the beer lacks the bitterness of earlier examples. 


The Nomad has big aroma that brings the breadth of "new school" hop characteristics. Especially as the beer warms, the apricot, peach fruit, and sweet tangerine notes evolve. The appearance is opaque with a beautiful golden hue. 

Easy drinking, especially for the style, this beer's delicious character can belie its potency as the boozy notes hide under all that hop aroma and flavor. The finish of the brew has a nice, medium - full body and crisp finish that does not linger too long, but instead makes the drinker curious about the next sip. 

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