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STYLE: IPA W/ Wheat & Lemon

ABV: 7.1


The Rambler is a perfect harmony of the smoothness of wheat, refreshing hoppiness, and a touch of tart lemon zest. Nevadagrown wheat combined with American 2-Row barley serve as the base for this seasonal India Pale Ale. Several citrusy hop additions and a touch of lemon zest in the boil sets of the bouquet.

Sometimes called a “White IPA”, the addition of wheat to the familiar India Pale Ale family gives the beer a smooth mouthfeel and a slightly doughy, grainy note. Several hop additions late in the brewing process add to the citrusy pop of lemon peel that shows up in the aroma and in the backend of the brew.


The Rambler is a bright but unfiltered brew with a dense, rocky head that beckons drinkers. The aroma of lemon and some background pine and resin give hints of the flavors to come: lemongrass, lime leaf, and a slight doughy character. 

The mouthful of the brew is more full-bodied than a typical IPA, but the flavor and finish will please the biggest "hopheads". A familiar bite of bitterness hangs in the back of palate but is also melded with the nuanced addition of lemon. 

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